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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Megyn Kelly, Duck Dynasty, and the 'Debate' Over Sexual Orientation

“Is he ever coming back? It remains to be seen, but that will certainly shut down debate. There really won’t, I mean, he’s a Christian man — I grant you, he did not say this in the kindest way – but why can’t there be a debate about it? Why can’t there be a back-and-forth, a discussion — you know, that’s how he feels, and you say how you feel, instead of saying, ‘You are fired, you are basically canned.’”
Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, defending Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, who was suspended for remarks in an interview comparing people in the LGBT community to drunks, thieves, and prostitutes. Robertson was suspended indefinitely by A&E for the comments.

Here’s the thing Megyn, we’ve had that conversation. We’ve had that debate for decades. What more do you think we need to say here? And what new info did this clown supposedly bring to the table here?He’s not the first guy who’s ever said, “Them homersexuals is bein’ immoral ‘cause th’ Bible.” He’s not exactly breaking new ground here. How long are we supposed to sit back and listen to the same tired, unconvincing, insulting arguments and over and over?

Kelly isn’t calling for a debate — and neither are the rest of Roberston’s defenders. She’s asking for the right to hurl insults at people in the LGBT community, while members of that community shut up and take it.

Sorry folks, that part of the “debate” is over.

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