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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stories to Watch: 12/10/13

Paul Ryan and Patty Murray reveal a budget deal and it's not super-great. I'm not sure whether to root for it or not, but if it's abandoned, the GOP would be blamed for it. In fact, there's some evidence that the 'baggers may sink the deal. As with the debt ceiling debacle and the government shutdown, Republicans may be barreling toward disaster, unable to stop themselves from doing themselves a lot of damage.

Meanwhile, putting all their eggs into the "Obamacare's a trainwreck!" basket was not the wisest long term strategy for the GOP.

A WingNutDaily columnist wonders aloud on Fox News whether South Africa wasn't better off under apartheid. "There are South African blacks who have told friends of mine they wish it was back because the country was safer, if you can believe that.," Erik Rush said. For the record, I can't. I can't believe that at all. Not for a second. As with the rest of their deeply held beliefs, conservatives are passionate defenders of freedom -- right up until they're not.

Why the "Obama shook Castro's hand" nontroversy isn't going to get any traction; kneejerk anti-Cuban sentiments are fading away in the US, so no one but the perpetually outraged right is going to give a damn.

Related: Marco Rubio joins the rest of the right in ignoring what Pres. Obama said at Nelson Mandela's funeral today.

You'll probably be a lot less than surprised to learn that, as a college student, Liz Cheney got apartheid wrong.

Finally, Oklahoma Republicans get a lesson in the importance of the separation of church and state -- and woosh! it goes straight over their heads.

[cartoon via McClatchy Newspapers]

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