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Friday, December 13, 2013

The do-nothing congress finally did one thing. Doesn't mean they still don't suck

With the year in Congress entering its final days, the House of Representatives last night passed a budget deal easing the sequester, and the Senate is expected to pass it next week. This is already being widely hailed as a truce in the sabotage governing wars and a return to some semblance of normalcy, however modest.

But if there’s one fact that continues to sum up this Congress, it’s this. Lawmakers remain far more likely to vote on a political, counter-productive measure on Iran than to vote on extending unemployment benefits for over one million Americans. And let’s not even talk about whether Congress will vote on any serious proposals to boost economic growth and create jobs amid a still sluggish recovery.
Greg Sargent, pointing out that congress still sucks.
Look at it this way, this congress just passed a forgettable horsetrading bill that accomplishes nothing much other than avoiding a budget debate for a couple of years — and the media and punditry are acting like they’ve just passed the Civil Rights Act or something.

Why? Because this pile of nothing is among the 113th congress’ crowning achievements. This is being heralded as a tremendously important moment in modern history because the bar is just that low.

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