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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Walker blames Grinchy fundraising letter on same staffer he fired for offensive tweets

Scott Walker
Wisconsin State Journal: Gov. Scott Walker said he didn’t support the email his fired campaign staffer sent urging people to donate to his campaign rather than go “Black Friday” shopping for their children. And Walker said he wasn’t aware of offensive tweets targeting Latinos that the staffer had posted several years ago.

Walker was asked about the firing of Taylor Palmisano, who served as the deputy finance director for his campaign, following the annual tree lighting ceremony at the state Capitol on Thursday morning.

"It’s certainly not something I would have put out," Walker said of the fundraising email. "I think the tone would have certainly been different. But obviously the reason for that person no longer being there is much bigger than just that particular email."

Palmisano’s unusual fundraising email drew national attention and was widely panned.
Well that’s handy. If you’re already throwing someone under the bus, you might as well recycle them to take a little more blame with them.

If there’s anything else bothering you about Scott Walker or his reelection campaign, go ahead and blame that on Palmisano, too. You know Walker will.

[photo by Gage Skidmore]

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