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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Christie’s latest spin actually makes his office look even worse

TPM - Christie's Office Blasts 'Wild-Eyed Conspiracy' Theories In Bridge Scandal
Talking Points Memo: New Jersey Gov. Christie’s (R) office apparently thinks “left-wing blogs” are to blame for the competing theories about who and what was behind the decision to close lanes on the George Washington Bridge in September.

In a short statement to CNN on Tuesday, Christie spokesman Colin Reed blasted the theories, including those that posit the closures, which tied up traffic for days in Fort Lee, N.J., were to get revenge on rivals or possibly linked to a local real estate development.

"We’re not commenting on every wild-eyed conspiracy theory that’s originating on left-wing blogs," Reed told the cable news network.
OK, so if there was no conspiracy to punish anyone politically and there was no traffic study, then what’s left is that the lanes were shut down because someone in your office woke up one day, decided to be a total dick for no reason, and got a whole bunch of people in your administration to help them do it.

If that’s your story, this is one leftwing blog that’s more than willing to help you get the message out. So listen up everyone: there’s no conspiracy here. The governor’s office is just filled with complete assholes who fuck citizens over for no reason at all.

You can thank me later, Gov. Christie.

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