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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Griper Blade: Economics, the State of the Union, and the Ever-Dimming Appeal of the GOP

Protester holds sign reading, 'NO LONGER REPUBLICAN'
As State of the Union speeches go, President Obama's 2014 appearance
before the joint chambers of congress went well. Of the people who
watched the speech, 53% had a "very positive reaction to his speech."
Conservatives will no doubt point out that the sample is skewed left,
but the poll can hardly be blamed for not including people who refused
to watch the speech. The audience was largely Democrat and indie, so the
sample is largely Democrat and indie.

Still, there's some nasty news for Republicans here. The CNN flash poll's
respondents were "44% Democratic and 17% Republican." Yet, when asked
if "the president's policies will move the country in the right
direction," 71% said they would -- a number way too high to be
explained by Democratic boosterism. That number has to include a lot of
indies and even some Republicans. CNN reports that the number of dems in
the sample is "about 12 points more Democratic than the population as a
whole," so 71-12=59.

But let's not get all teabagger about things and start "unskewing" polls
to advantage Republicans. Let's look at numbers that need no
adjustment...[CLICK TO READ FULL POST]

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