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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

How to prove gun safety advocates right

Raw Story - Lawmaker fires handgun in Kentucky Capitol: 'I am a gun owner... It happens'
Raw Story: A Kentucky lawmaker has confirmed that she accidentally discharged a handgun in her Capitol office on Tuesday.

State Rep. Leslie Combs (D) told WHAS that she was unloading the gun in her Capitol annex office when it discharged. A bookcase was struck by a bullet after it ricocheted off the floor.

Democratic state Rep. Jeff Greer was also in the room but was not injured in the shooting.
“I thought it was totally clear,” she said. “I am a gun owner. It happens.”

Exactly our point. This is precisely why people who aren’t interested in being perforated oppose allowing paranoiacs to drag guns along with them everywhere they go. Your need to feel safe from the boogeyman is not more important than my right to keep the number of holes in my head to a bare minimum.

These sort of accidents will happen. In fact, they happen every day. It’s become clear that the “responsible gun owner” is a far greater danger to the general public than the crazed killers they think they’re protecting everyone from.

It happens. Which is why you shouldn’t be allowed to wander around with a literal killing machine in crowded places. It’s just freakin’ common sense. That way, when it does happen, it happens well away from innocent bystanders.

These things are incredibly dangerous; it’s time we started treating them that way.

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