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Monday, January 13, 2014

Second Amendment Hero manages to Stand His Ground when blind and drunk

NY Post - Blind former Marine dodges charges for killing drinking buddy under 'Stand Your Ground' law
New York Post: A blind former Marine who killed his drinking buddy with an assault rifle two years ago escaped murder charges under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” rule.

A circuit judge in Seminole County on Friday threw out first-degree murder charges against John Wayne Rogers, 40, saying he was acting in self-defense when he shot James DeWitt, 34, on March 27, 2012, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

The shooting took place in the same central Florida county where George Zimmerman shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in February 2012, which sparked national outrage over “Stand Your Ground” laws.

Rogers testified he shot DeWitt after DeWitt refused to leave his house after a long night of boozing with a few pals.

DeWitt had stayed the night at Rogers’ house and the two had made a beer run at 10 a.m. on the day of the killing, the Sentinel reported.

At some point, Rogers told DeWitt to leave and DeWitt attacked him, Rogers testified.

Rogers fired a single round from a .308 Remington assault rifle, hitting DeWitt in the chest, authorities said.

If the phrase “the two had made a beer run at 10 a.m.” doesn’t clue in you that Rogers isn’t exactly the most responsible person ever, see how this factoid sits with you:

It wasn’t the first time he mixed booze and guns. Four years ago, he was accused of shooting at his cousin during a night of drinking. He eventually received probation after cutting a deal with prosecutors.

There’s no reason on Earth why this clown should even be allowed to own a gun — vision-impared, alcoholic, with a history of gun violence — let alone get off for killing someone. But using common sense on the subject of firearms is verboten in America — even more so in Florida.

This is how Stand Your Ground works in the Sunshine State: you pick a fight with someone because you suffer from whatever aggression-based disorder it is that drives you to worship firearms, then you shoot the guy you got into a fight with when you start losing. It’s what George Zimmerman probably did to Trayvon Martin and it’s what this idiot did to James DeWitt.

In most places on Earth, this is among the most cut-and-dried cases of murder. In Florida, it’s a shining example of fucking heroism and good citizenship.

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