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Friday, January 24, 2014

Stories to Watch: 1/24/14

Chris Christie continues to handle his "Bridgegate" scandal badly. In today's development, his office says they won't release emails of the two top aides involved in the traffic manipulation scheme. The open records request came from a dem Super PAC, but the fact that it made Team Christie clam up doesn't make it look like there's nothing damning in the emails.

In GOP Civil War news, the Republican Party rejiggers their national primary schedule in a way that hurts Tea Party candidates and helps GOP establishment candidates.

Michelle Obama teams up with sandwich chain Subway to promote healthy eating in kids. For the perpetually unhinged right, this is of course the worst thing ever! How completely controlled by your partisan jerking knee would you have to be to be against fighting childhood obesity? These people have a serious problem. One of these days, the First Lady is going to suggest a kid eat an apple instead of a Slim Jim and their hearts will all explode when a rage-gasm combines with the fistfuls of raw, buttered bacon they've been eating to spite her. I can only hope this happens sooner than later, because the constant whining from the 'bagger right is tiresome beyond belief.

Somewhat related: rightwing pundit Dinesh D'Souza is indicted for a campaign finance fraud scheme that basically amounts to money laundering -- and conservatives whine that he's the victim of an Obama-led witch hunt.Victim card! Victim card!

Despite its rocky start, Obamacare signups are pretty much on target and on schedule.

After Mike Huckabee's sexist diatribe, TPM puts together "A Brief History Of GOPers Saying Crazy Things About Women." Brief it is and not at all comprehensive, but it's a good refresher on conservative sex and gender weirdness. These guys really don't have it all together, I'm afraid.

Finally, I know this post is later (and shorter) than normal, but it's been a crazy week and better late than never, right? Have a good weekend, folks.

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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