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Monday, January 06, 2014

Stories to Watch: 1/6/14

In the above video: a Greendale, Wisconsin skeleton shoots boiling water out of a supersoaker in Arctic cold temperatures -- for science! (h/t to slashisforever)

That little backyard science experiment was brought to you by something called the polar vortex. Here's the science behind this weather phenomenon -- and why it should worry you.

The once respected news magazine program 60 Minutes has pretty much become a hackfest.

Speaking of hacks, Wisconsin voters once again have the opportunity to be embarrassed by and ashamed of our Republican Senator Ron Johnson. You know, the dumb one.

A look at marriage equality's chances before the Supreme Court as the result of a (so far) successful case against the state of Utah. Long story short: probably not good. Still, think happy thoughts. Could happen.

Here's a quote you really don't want to hear from the Senate Majority Leader. Asked what he thought about the upcoming debt limit extension, Harry Reid told Face the Nation Sunday, "I'm afraid. I am really concerned about what’s going on with Republicans in Congress." According to Steve Benen, "He’s not the only one. In an interesting twist, Republican strategists are concerned, too." Great.

Finally, Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Jim Gerlach has announced he will not seek reelection. A moderate Republican, his retirement could represent a pickup for Democrats. More significantly, however, he represents the rapidly dying breed of GOP centrists and his retirement will almost certainly leave the party more extremist as a whole.

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