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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Stories to Watch: 1/7/14

Greg Sargent on today's surprising cloture vote to advance the extension of unemployment benefits. Joan Walsh has more. It looks like Republicans are beginning to realize the weakness of their position -- Americans want the extension, Democrats are pretty much all for it, so if it fails -- well, you do the math. Everyone will know who to blame. John Boehner's still saying that he needs some sort of ransom for this, but it may just be that he thinks he needs to talk tough while he figures out where his footholds are. If it comes to a vote in the House, there's a good chance it could pass on mostly Democratic votes, so if it fails -- there's that damned math again. It may be the only thing that would keep this from happening is John Boehner. The President cranks up the pressure.

Somewhat related: 86% of Americans think the government should fight poverty.

I have to wonder, are we watching Dennis Rodman slowly slip into some sort of mental illness or clinical delusional state, ala Tila Tequila? You almost have to hope so, because if he is, there's some hope of recovery or treatment. If not, there is no such hope. He'll keep being an apologist for despots, because it keeps him in the news.

What Janet Yellen's confirmation for the Fed could mean for the nation. Let's just say there's a reason Republicans think it's the worst thing ever!

Stranded on an unheated train overnight in the middle of the polar vortex. Not anyone's idea of a good time.

Here's a real shock: FOX's Gretchen Carlson doesn't understand the difference between atheists and satanists. In a further Earth-shattering surprise, she gets all pissy when called on it. Here's the back story to her little freak out. I'm going to rate that back story pretty high on the awesome scale. It is so metal.

AT&T's 'toll-free data plan' is back-door assault on net neutrality.

Finally, a Georgia Republican spews ridiculous BS about undocumented people, the pathway to citizenship, and voting. Can we please deal with the real world for a change -- just fucking once?

[cartoon via McClatchy Newspapers]

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