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Monday, February 10, 2014

Stories to Watch: 2/10/14

By throwing immigration reform aside, Republican may have blown the best chance they'll get at taking over the Senate for a very long time.

On the flip side of that debate; newly-minted NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced his city will issue "identity papers" to undocumented people, allowing them to more fully engage in daily life. "To all of my fellow New Yorkers who are undocumented, I say: New York City is your home too, and we will not force ANY of our residents to live their lives in the shadows," de Blasio said. Expect the usual bigoted nativist suspects to go absolutely apecrap over the news.

Rand Paul is endorsing his fellow Republican Kentuckian Mitch McConnell -- although he's not very good at explaining why.

A Michigan Second Amendment Hero shoots up a Grand Rapids McDonald's because the staff didn't get her order right. Two lessons present themselves here: 1.) this is another example of way too many people having guns in the United States, and 2.) minimum wage isn't enough to put up with the sort of jackass customers fast food workers have to deal with. More money, fewer guns.

Also in tales of Second Amendent Heroism: celebrity NRA board member R. Lee "Gunny" Ermey (trust me, you'll  recognize him when you see him) tells an interviewer that bullied teens commit suicide because they've been "neutered" by society and when worse comes to worse, they should "resort to force" to deal with bullies. Did I mention that the interview took place with NRA News? Yeah, the guy's practically instructing kids to grab a gun and do yourself one of them there school shootings if you're bullied, because otherwise you're a pansy. Where does the NRA find these celebrity lunatics?

The head of the company that created the West Virginia water crisis was invited to testify before congress, but was a no-show. "I find that extremely telling," said WV Republican Rep. Shelley Moore Capito. "Freedom Industries’ decision not to testify today compounds its gross misconduct, and is an absolute affront to every person impacted by its spill." Can you imagine if Tony Hayward, BP's CEO during the Deepwater Horizon spill, had been invited to testify before congress and said, "Yeah, screw that..." It's like they're begging to be subpoenaed. The arrogance is flabbergasting.

Hey, remember Gary James, the Oklahoma restaurant owner who refuses to serve minorities, the disabled, and members of the LGBT community? Yeah, people are going on Yelp to get his place labeled the "Best Gay Bar" in Oklahoma City. "Gary doesn’t serve tube steak," writes one reviewer. "He asks for yours when you walk in the door. But don’t ask to use his backdoor, he saves that for minorities."

Finally, Boehner still wants a ransom in return for raising the debt ceiling and not creating a massive -- and totally needless -- financial crisis. The problem is, he has absolutely no idea what exactly it is he wants -- he just wants something.

[cartoon via McClatchy Newspapers]

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