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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Stories to Watch: 2/27/14

Here's a depressing headline: "TX police officers suspended for contest to see who could steal most signs from the homeless.

As the Tea Party celebrates their five year anniversary (an arbitrary date, but close enough), Greg Sargent notes that the 'baggers have become a far greater danger to Republicans than to Democrats.

Today's whiny rich dick: Heritage Foundation economist Stephen Moore complains that rich people are the only "group you can legally discriminate against in America anymore." Really? When was the last time a rich kid was gunned down with impunity by some clown "standing his ground"? There are plenty of people out there who would love the level of "discrimination" these guys get. Maybe Moore is mistaking assholes being treated like assholes for "discrimination."

Somewhat related: a study by the International Monetary Fund finds that taxing rich people to pay for programs and policies that help the poor is good for the economy and doesn't slow growth or hurt jobs. Everything Republicans say about economics is wrong.

Michelle Obama will appear in an upcoming episode of Parks and Recreation.

With Arizona's SB1062 having crashed and burned as something of a PR disaster, Josh Marhsall writes that "we can now say with some confidence that the effort to rebrand anti-gay bigotry as 'religious liberty' has turned out to be a fairly epic debacle." In a short period of time, the homophobic majority has seen itself shrink to a minority -- purely on the strength of the better arguments of tolerance and inclusion. Sorry guys, but this victim card has expired.

Obamacare saves jobs.

Finally, fracking waste is being dumped into to the Pacific off California, because of course.

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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