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Monday, April 07, 2014

Stories to Watch: 4/7/14

Here's hoping that Maine's Democratic nominee for the US Senate represents the future of the Democratic Party.

It's official: Florida's gun laws are so weak and useless that they've become what might be the most pro-criminal state in the nation. If you run a drug cartel and you need to get a bunch of assault weapons like right now, the Sunshine State is your go-to.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says that polling shows 70% support his union-busting law. PolitiFact says otherwise. If it weren't for flat-out lying, Republicans wouldn't be able to say anything good about their policies.

Heavy rains, flooding hit the American southeast -- i.e., the "red states" where people are most likely to be climate change deniers.

Maybe it's just my opinion, but if you don't get emotional about the subject of torture, then there's something wrong with you. When it's the other way around, that's what mental health experts refer to by the deeply technical term "healthy."

That Chattanooga VW plant where workers were bullied by Republican anti-union pressure might be getting a union regardless of how those workers voted.

In a case pitting Bobbie Jindal against free speech, free speech won. When it comes to blathering on endlessly about liberty, Republicans are champs -- but when it comes to actually standing up for liberty, they really suck a lot. Case in point.

The President continues to put extending unemployment benefits center stage.

Finally, in a sign of the way the Supreme Court is moving, the court refuses to hear "a case filed by a New Mexico photography firm sanctioned for refusing to take a same-sex couple’s wedding photos." Every day, we see more and more evidence of how this civil rights fight has been all but won.

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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