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Friday, May 02, 2014

Stories to Watch: 5/2/14

Boehner decides to waste everyone's time with a House select committee probe into BENGHAZI!! The most pathetic part of all of this is that the story that triggered the latest outbreak of BENGHAZI!! fever has already fallen apart. This is going to be a three ring circus, with bullshit in every ring.

We got some good jobs numbers this month -- although not so good as they might seem.

Wisconsin Republicans make themselves a national joke with a convention vote insisting the state has the right to secede from the union. A lot of Wisconsin soldiers died for a cause that held the exact opposite -- that no state has the right to secede -- and these Tea Party fuckwits are pissing all over their graves. Because "patriots" renounce America when things don't go their way, I guess. I am so tired of these whiny intellectual lightweights who pretend to be patriots but are willing to kill Americans (i.e., "tyrants") and abandon the country if it suits them. They're just children having a tantrum because a black Democrat is in the White House.

The Republican plan to wipe out the Tea Party.

So, are white Republicans really more racist than white Democrats? Prepare to be whatever the opposite of surprised is.

Finally, a Satanic monument will go up in the Oklahoma capitol and it looks like something off a Black Sabbath album cover. While I appreciate the First Amendment argument behind the move, the way to turn Oklahoma into a more enlightened state is probably not to convince conservatives that they're literally battling Satan. You want conservative voters to stay home, not to run to the polls in a blind panic. Still, cool statue -- so metal.

[cartoon via TruthDig]

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