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Monday, April 28, 2014

Stories to Watch: 4/28/14

Remember when Harry Reid called Cliven Bundy supporters "domestic terrorists"? Yeah, they decided to respond to that percieved insult by proving him right, because 'baggers are smart like that.

If you're wondering what the next rightwing victim card freakout will be, this seems like a good candidate: Google has announced it will no longer feature ads for "crisis pregnancy centers." These centers are basically one big lie meant to misinform women about abortion. They can't lie to frightened, worried women anymore -- how terrible.

People believed that Obamacare meant that everyone would literally have a microchip embedded in their bodies. And not just a few nutjobs -- the lies have kept people who would benefit most from even considering signing up. I don't know whether to be angry at Republicans for being such shameless liars or disappointed with the people who believe them for being so limitlessly gullible, so I guess I'll do both.

Speaking of shockingly gullible Republican dupes: a look at life at the Bundy Ranch.

High school graduation rates reached a record 80% in 2010-11 -- I guess because Obama's Department of Education and those crazy moonbat ideas from teachers union thugs are all so terrible.

Not even the rightwing National Review can stomach Sarah Palin's self-promoting nonsense anymore.

More than 4% of death row inmates are likely to be innocent. Supporters like to say that the death penalty protects people. But when the state is literally killing innocent people , the idea that this is protecting those same people is ridiculous horseshit. The death penalty is human sacrifice, plain and simple. It didn't have a place in the 20th century, let alone the 21st.

[cartoon via McClatchy Newspapers]

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