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Friday, October 23, 2009

News Roundup for 10/23/09

Peter Graves in 'Mission Impossible'
Dubya's last act as president

-Headline of the day-
"Bush: I regret standing in front of the 'Mission Impossible' banner."

According to the report, "President Bush was in Canada yesterday to speak at a luncheon of the Montreal Board of Trade. Approximately 300 protesters gathered outside the venue, blowing plastic horns, throwing shoes, and burning the former president in effigy." In other words, they made him feel right at home.

Anyway, speaking at the luncheon, the former-president said he had a few regrets from his years as the Decider. "I am confident that I made decisions based on principle, that I made calls as best I could, and I did not sell my soul," he said. Good thing, too. He'd already sold it as Governor of Texas, so there'd be a little fraud in trying to sell it again.

The post tells us, "Bush also said that he regretted appearing in front of a 'Mission Impossible' sign in 2003 during an address about the Iraq war." That actually would've been more accurate than the "Mission Accomplished" banner he actually did speak in front of.

I think he may be back on the sauce. Everyone needs a hobby. (Think Progress)

-In case you're wondering-
I came across this handy flowchart to help you figure out what religion you should (or shouldn't) follow:


Hope you find it helpful. (PochoBlog)

-Bonus HotD-
"Roger Ailes Says He Will Not Run In 2012 Race."

Turns out that Fox News CEO Roger Ailes isn't going to run for president. This is news because crazy people wanted him to. His reasons (besides the obvious "no chance in hell" odds)? He's too rich to be president and people need an insane cable news network.

"This country needs fair and balanced news more now than ever before, so I’m going to decline a run for the presidency," he said. "Besides, I can’t take the pay cut."

Now we may never know how good a job Sean Hannity would do as press secretary -- or Glenn Beck as Secretary of State. Hell, we'd be at war with Switzerland by lunch on the first day. (Politico)

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