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Thursday, May 27, 2010

News Roundup for 5/27/10

Joe Wilson's infamous 'you lie' photo
Rep. Ron Swanson

-Headline of the day-
"Spending, Ron Swanson-style."

You might remember Rep. Slow Joe Wilson as the fella who yelled "YOU LIE!" at President Obama while he wasn't lying. In an op-ed at Politico, Joe argues that the new GOP comedy-generating machine -- -- is an awesome idea, that we need a balanced-budget amendment, and that Washington needs more people like Ron Swanson.

Who the fuck is Ron Swanson? He's a character from NBC's Parks and Recreation, created as a parody of "I hate government" types who choose careers in government. You know, people like Slow Joe Wilson. Here's Ron in action:

Yeah, about that whole "more Ron Swansons" thing... I think there are already enough lunatics in Washington, Joe.

You're not helping. (Politico)

-GOP comedy-generation update-
The aforementioned website just keeps getting better and better. Apparently, the servers are up to the task now and, as a result, Republicans are getting flooded with really good ideas. Which wasn't the point at all. The idea was for people to log on and say, "Yay for Republicans' really bad ideas!"

Top vote-getters on the site include a blanket ban on handguns, repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and cutting the military budget by 50% so we can "invest in humanity, here and abroad." Of course, the report reminds us that "the GOP will still stick to its 'principles' -- meaning they won't incorporate any idea they don't already agree with." So none of this stuff is going to find its way onto the Republican agenda.

I guess that's why they called it, not (Think Progress)

-Bonus GOP comedy-generation fun-
Try pointing your browser to It's totally worth the click.

In your face, GOP! (Daily Kos)

-Bonus HotD-
"Family Research Council: End Of DADT Means More Gay Rape In The Military."

Actually, it's the first paragraph that's funny here, but I've gotten in the habit of ending with a second "headline of the day" and what are ya gonna do? It's tradition now. Anyway, here's the crazy:

Here's how the Family Research Council envisions things going if Don't Ask, Don't Tell is repealed: first, more straight soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines will be fellated in their sleep against their will. Then, commanders afraid of being labeled homophobes will refuse to do anything about it. Eventually, the straight service members will quit out of fear.

And then, of course, only gays will be in the military and they'll turn on us and take over America and force kids in schools to learn about evolution or some crazy liberal crap like that!

Is that what you want? Well, is it? (Talking Points Memo)

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