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Friday, May 28, 2010

News Roundup for 5/28/10

Richard Nixon
Barack Obama?

-Headline of the day-
"Bush ethics chief to GOP: 'Move on' from Sestak story."

Barack HUSSEIN Obama must be impeached! Do it! Do it now! Gogogogogogo!

See, Joe Sestak was running against Arlen Specter and Arlen Specter had turned himself into a Democrat. As far as the White House was concerned, Democrat vs. incumbent Democrat = bad. Turns out it wasn't, but that's beside the point.

Anyway, the White House tried to get him to do something else, by offering him a position on an advisory board through Bill Clinton. This is a terrible crime -- like beating wounded lambs with blind puppies or something -- and Barack HUSSEIN Obama must be impeached!

So super-patriot Rep. Darrell Issa wrote a thing in Politico, which is where the Constitution says you have to do that sort of thing, accusing Obama of the worst crime ever. It needs to be investigated by the FBI and a Special Prosecutor and probably the Ghost Hunters. The problem? It's not a crime. And Ronald Reagan did pretty much the same thing. And Darrell Issa's a putz.

But we've got an election coming up and you know what Republicans like more than impeachment during an election? Kind of wrote myself into a corner there... I'm stuck. There's nothing Republicans like more than impeachment during an election. It gives them a bigger woody than an unjustified invasion.

Some Republicans, anyway. Other, more pesky, GOPers insist on living in the real world. One is the former chief White House ethics officer under Bush (Yeah, I was surprised too! Apparently, there was such a guy). So Greg Sargent gave this ethics guy, Richard Painter, a jingle to see what's what.

"Where is the quid pro quo?" Painter asked. "Nobody who has a halfway decent chance of winning a Senate race is going to give it up to sit on an advisory board. That would be a laughable tradeoff... Based on the information disclosed from the White House, it's even more apparent that this is a non-issue. No scandal. Time to move on."

Yeah, I'm guessing "move on" isn't part of Issa's plan here. He's up for reelection and the best way to reveal that a worthless stunt is a worthless stunt is to drop the whole thing in the face of reality. So full-speed ahead!

Barack HUSSEIN Obama must be impeached! (Plum Line)

-Ron Burgundy lives!-
Check this out, then I'll give you the funny (it'll open in a new window):

FOX News clip

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," you're saying, "Typical morning news cotton candy. So what?"

That guy who says he's Steve Doocy -- twice? Yeah, that's not Steve Doocy. That's Clayton Morris, who apparently will read any damned thing on his teleprompter without thinking about it. Morris says it was just a joke, but I say, "Likely story." (Mediaite)

-Bonus HotD-
"Right-Wing Radio Host On NY Mosque: 'I Hope Somebody Blows It Up.'"

That headline's not quite right. Let me take a whack at fixing it.

"Terrorist Issues Fatwa Against American House of Worship."

Better. (Think Progress, with audio)

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