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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

FOX Contributor Confirms that Beck Rally was Political

One recurring observation on this blog is that the right never lets anything go. Case in point: in 2004, George Soros donated somewhat less than $25 million to unseat then-incumbent George W. Bush. As a result, "Soros" is now a synonym for "Satan" on the right and every single organization that's ever gotten a penny from him is now referred to as "Soros funded," as if they're just some front group. This will continue to be the case until Soros dies -- although I suppose he'll leave behind some charitable foundation that will be blamed for all evil long after he's gone.

That observation is actually an aside, but that's one thing that struck me watching the following video from the "Soros funded" Center for America Progress and their blog, Think Progress. The subject is, a site dedicated to showing the side of the tea party that the teabaggers don't want shown.

But check out former judge and FOX News contributor Andrew Napolitano with Steve Doocy, as FOX News interviews FOX News to verify FOX News' reporting:

"Glenn Beck gathers the largest gathering in American history!" Napolitano raves, "The largest political gathering in the past 40 years! And suddenly the left is worried..."

OK. First, it's not the "largest gathering in American history." Not by a long shot. There were bigger antiwar rallies and the march that Beck's rally was meant to emulate was also larger. Hell, Woodstock had a larger attendance.

Second, "largest political gathering?" I thought that Beck's rally was not political. And Doocy doesn't contradict or correct him. So FOX News interviewed FOX News and confirmed for FOX News that a FOX News personality's non-political rally was, in fact, political.

If that's not proof enough for people on the right, I don't know what would be.

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