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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Griper Blade: Right Still Defending Their Pointless War

Iraq in ruins
Barack Obama can't do anything right. It's simply not possible. There are times when the negativity toward the President has some validity, times when it's a bit of a stretch, and times when it's just stupid. This is one of the latter times. In commenting on Barack Obama's formal announcement of the withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq, the right wing's jerking knees are on full display.

"In 'turning the page' on Iraq, the Great Speechifier could find no words with which to give meaning to our epic struggle there," writes Powerline's Paul Mirengoff. "Let's give Obama the benefit of the doubt and assume this is because he thinks the struggle had no meaning, except as it related to domestic politics in the U.S. But then why give a speech about it?"

Our "epic struggle" was a long quagmire of a war in search of a reason for being. When Obama said we had to "turn the page," he was giving people like Mirengoff an out. "I'm mindful that the Iraq war has been a contentious issue at home," the President said. "Here, too, it's time to turn the page." This is an argument these people had lost long ago. If you guys want to trot out non-existent WMD and fabricated ties to al Qaeda and the smoking gun coming in the form of a mushroom cloud, it's your funeral. President Obama basically said, "Look, what's done is done. It's over with now and we can't change the past. We could talk about the lies and the incompetence and the brainlessness of the Bush administration and their neoconservative allies in the media, but that won't change anything. We've got bigger fish to fry right now."...[CLICK TO READ FULL POST]

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