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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

News Roundup for 9/1/10

Colbert painting depicting him as a hero
America's last hope

-Headline of the Day-
"100,000 Strong to Restore Truthiness to the US Capital."

As Glenn Beck continues to devolve into self-parody, it's only fitting that his big rally last weekend be answered by intentional parody. So a group of people have begun a Facebook campaign to get Stephen Colbert to hold a similar rally somewhere, sometime... They aren't picky.

Right now, "100,000 Strong to Restore Truthiness to the US Capital" is about 95,000 short of the goal, which means the odds are good you suck and haven't signed on yet. The whole thing just started like yesterday, so it's a good start. It'll probably never happen, but getting a much bigger number to sign on than turned out to see Beck would be just so funny.

Sign on now and, when your children or your children's children ask you about it, you'll be able to say that you answered when the call came... And you didn't just let the answering machine get it. If America ever needed you to get on the stick, that time is now. (Facebook)

-Scott Walker is dumb-
Here in Wisconsin, we don't really have midterm elections. See, when the presidency isn't up for grabs, our governorship is. While this is generally a good thing for voter turnout, it also results in things getting extra-stupid every two years.

This time around, the extra-stupid is delivered by Republican candidate Scott Walker, who's running (or will be running: he's so gonna win his primary this month) against Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. Anyhoo, Tom's been talking about Scott's record as Milwaukee County Executive. And he's been doing it for a couple of reasons; one, that's what candidates actually do in an election and, two, Scott was blowful at it.

Well, Scott Walker isn't taking that sort of thing lying down, so he cut an ad featuring him wearing boxing gloves. "You know, Tom Barrett can't sell his record, so he's throwing punches at me," Walker says. "I'm Scott Walker, and I took on the political machine in Milwaukee," he goes on, punching the boxing gloves together, "and ready to go the distance as your next governor." Oooooh! He's gonna beat up Tom Barrett!

Here's the problem. According to the report, "Back in August 2009, Barrett was severely beaten by a man with a tire iron at the Wisconsin State Fair. Barrett intervened to protect a woman who was trying to protect her 1-year-old granddaughter from the girl's drunk father, who in turn then attacked Barrett. Barrett was hospitalized and has undergone multiple operations on his hand, which doctors say might never fully recover." Newspapers hailed Barrett as a hero and the drunk guy's been sentenced to 12 years. So maybe taking a pop at Tom wasn't the best metaphor to choose.

"Granted, boxing gloves probably wouldn't be nearly as bad as the tire iron," writes Eric Kleefeld. I'm guessing the only reason it wasn't a tire iron was because Walker didn't think of it. (Talking Points Memo, with video)

-Bonus HotD-
"Bush-Era Iraq War Architects Emerge To Demand 'Credit' For Iraq War 'Success'."

How about we start with you dicks taking the blame for starting the whole useless thing and see where that lead us, OK? (Think Progress)

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