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Friday, September 17, 2010

Stories to Watch: 9/17/10

It's Constitution Day! Hey Teabaggers, why don't you bother to read it for once? Now here's the news...

It's Elizabeth Warren -- for now. Still, is suitably excited.

Wisconsin election hypocrisy watch: GOP Senate candidate Ron Johnson hates the stimulus. At least, he does now -- he wanted half a million in recovery package dough for a repair project last year and got turned down. Something smells like sour grapes. And that's not the end of it, Johnson's opponent Russ Feingold has more:

So that ought to work out great for Johnson...

Am I really going to have to start caring about what Lady Gaga thinks? Guess so. Not saying she's not right, just saying... C'mon, it's Lady Freakin' Gaga.

Can one person change a nation's priorities? Yeah, turns out she can. Get crackin', people.

White House to conservadems: Heel, Blue Dogs.

Primaried-out Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski announces that she'll run a write-in campaign. Democrats are exceedingly pleased... Until they check out FiveThirtyEight. Then they're probably somewhat less pleased. Nate Silver says that, while she couldn't be called the favorite in the race, she could still win.

Turns out being a media troll can get pretty pricey.

Finally, Michele Bachmann spoke at the Values Voters Summit. There will probably be some commentary on it somewhere, but not until someone manages to translate if from Crazy into English. Bonus: check the comment thread after the story -- I got first! I win!

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