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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stories to Watch: 9/19/10

Went to a big party/picnic yesterday and enjoyed the beer/weather/music. Getting our last licks in before the long winter sets in. Then it's back to normal. Now here's the news...

The Deepwater Horizon well is permanently "killed."

Newt Gingrich decides we need to solve problems that don't actually exist by calling for "a federal law that says sharia law cannot be recognized by any court in the United States." You'd think the former Speaker of the House would know that sharia is already unconstitutional. Think we've got that covered, Newt. Of course, it's not about solving problems, it's about keeping "WE MUST ALL HATE MUSLIMS!" in the headlines. At the same time, Newt accuses Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius of "Soviet tyranny." If you need someone to amp up the crazy to eleven, Newt Gingrich is there.

Christine O'Donnell follows the examples set by other courageous wingnuts like Jan Brewer, Michele Bachmann, and Sharron Angle and takes off running from the press. She canceled appearances on Face the Nation and FOX News Sunday to attend what Dave Weigel calls "the most important picnic of all time." Weigel also notes that this is a lame excuse, since there's no scheduling conflict in doing all three. Perhaps she's avoiding questions about supposedly "dabbling in witchcraft." Of course, Christine is so far off in the fringes of the religious right that "dabbling in magic" could mean that she read a horoscope in the paper once.

Nate Silver takes another look at the Alaska senate race and reaffirms that write-in Murkowski could win. Meanwhile, her opponent on the right, Joe Miller, argues that unemployment benefits are unconstitutional. That should lose him some friends in this job market.

Rep. Mike Pence wins the Values Voters Summit straw poll. Given the performance of past winners, you'd probably be safe in concluding this means that Pence won't be the president in a million years. In related news, the VVS is as insane as you'd expect.

President Obama speaks the liberal base's language by warning of "a corporate takeover of our democracy."

Finally, it seems like they're rolling out the War on Christmas earlier every year.

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