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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stories to Watch: 9/25/10

Summer may be pretty much over, but there's still one more street fair. Hope the weather cooperates. Now here's the news...

Bill Maher makes good on his threat to release one embarrassing clip a week until Christine O'Donnell appears on his show. In the latest installment, Christine demonstrates that people who don't believe in evolution don't really understand it -- by wondering why monkeys don't magically turn into people. Once again, TV political comedy makes waves in the actual political world. Maher also takes to the Huffington Post to tell rich people to stop bitching about how much it sucks to be rich.

While we're on the subject: I was talking to a friend the other day and the subject of Japanese heike crabs came up (believe it or not). Check out how evolution really works with a clip from Carl Sagan's Cosmos. Yes, even human superstition can play a role in selection. Our world is a very strange place. But not nearly as strange as Christine O'Donnell.

Check out Christina Bellantoni's anatomy of how Senate Democrats blew a totally sure-win situation by not ending Bush's tax giveaway before the elections. And now House dems may save them in spite of themselves -- emphasis on "may."

Obama grabs the obvious-stick and starts beating Republicans with it, saying their "pledge" gimmick promotes "the very same policies that led to the economic crisis in the first place."

Latest polling has Harry Reid up by 5 in Nevada. Given how insane Sharron Angle is, this should be much more. Time capsule advice to future Senate majority leaders -- don't suck.

Finally, for cheeseheads who missed it, here's last night's Wisconsin gubernatorial debate:

Is it just me or does Scott Walker look high? Of course, I'm biased -- this blog supports Tom Barrett, whose team declared victory afterward.

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