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Friday, September 24, 2010

Stories to Watch: 9/24/10

That whole Deepwater Horizon thing? Yeah, everyone knows that it's not going to really be over for years. Now there's a new worry -- sea snot. No, really. Now here's the news...

Stephen Colbert testifies before congress on the subject of immigration and labor.

The media doesn't seem to think very kindly of it -- which means that FOX has gone completely mental with outrage. Completely unscientific polling suggests normal old everyday people liked it just fine. Is it just me or is Comedy Central managing to make a lot of waves lately? Why else would the GOP get all stretchy and say Colbert supported their stupid pledge?

Bush really, really, really wanted to go to war with Iraq -- before 9/11. File that under "Stuff everyone already knows: CONFIRMED."

Nate Silver crunches the numbers on a write-in campaign for primaried-out Delaware Republican Mike Castle and finds he stands a damned good chance. And Christine O'Donnell's odds? Silver says diplomatically, "Her chances have nowhere to go but up." Discovery of new video where she vehemently asserts she wants to stop everyone from having sex won't help much in that department. Meanwhile, Republicans smear Chris Coons, the Democrat in the race and still the frontrunner, as -- yup, you guessed it --  a "Marxist."

The Texas Board of Education continues its mission of producing the dumbest kids in the nation -- by taking a step toward institutionalizing bigoted conspiracy theories.

Does Nevada wingnut candidate Sharron Angle believe that autism doesn't exist?

Wisconsin Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker is an ass.

A new CNN generic congressional ballot poll gives the GOP a 9-point advantage. The good news: a whopping 20% are undecided with just weeks to go. Also, a Pew poll finds Independents shifting GOP. Point to consider: 43% of teabaggers think they're Independent, despite being clearly GOP. Make of that what you will.

Finally, Blue Dog Democrats are fucking idiots. Quote me on that, print up t-shirts, buy billboards, hire skywriters -- I'm sticking with it.

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