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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stories to Watch: 9/28/10

Just a reminder: I'll be out most of the day, ending with a rally with the president on the UW library mall. So no posts during the day and probably no roundup. If you see some big, tall goony-looking bearded guy on the news, maybe it's me. Who knows? Now here's the news...

TPM's Brian Beutler catches Stuart Varney demonstrating everything that's wrong with cable news and FOX in particular. Varney accomplishes this by becoming the perfect parody of a dickish rich guy looking down his nose at the lower classes during an argument with Occidental College professor Caroline Heldman over extending Bush's tax giveaway for the wealthy.

My favorite part: she says that the poor work hard too -- then he looks surprised and laughs. "Poor people? Work hard? Surely you jest, Madam!" It doesn't help any that he's trying to lie about tax law to an Associate Professor of Politics. Not surprisingly, he doesn't fool her. Having failed to get his FOX talking points off the ground, he goes to the network's default mode and starts beating her over the head with the socialist stick. After a bit, you really do expect him to ask, "Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?"

But the worst part? Watch that again and tell me if you've learned a damned thing. In fact, tell me if it's even possible to learn anything from that. All I learned was that Jeeves here is a rich prick. And I could've guessed that.

On the subject of rich pricks: former RNC head Ed Gillespie argues that the Citizen's United ruling was a good thing because it allows rich donors to remain anonymous. See, if we knew who they were, then they'd get "emails pretty nasty in nature" and be generally persecuted by insane lefties. The fabulously well-to-do really have it rough.

Biden tells the base to "stop whining." The base doesn't like that much.

Wisconsin teabagger and Senate candidate Ron Johnson once opposed child abuse legislation -- because it would somehow be bad for business. I guess I didn't know there was money to be made in the child abuse industry. You learn something new every day. Need I say it? RUSS!!

A new poll shows a huge majority of 74% want tougher fuel efficiency standards in new cars -- even if it adds $3,000 to the cost of a new car. We figure we'll make up the difference at the pump.

Finally, the Tea Party is putting out coloring books. Do I really need to mention that, if the situation were reversed, teabaggers would shriek "indoctrination!!" and demand that the socialists responsible be sent back to Russia or Iran or Kenya wherever the hell they came from?

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