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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Stories to Watch: 9/7/10

Noticed a lot of bloggers posting a quick few links at the end of the day and decided to take the idea for a spin myself. Here we go.. Wheee!

Howard Kurtz discovers keywords and decides they're evil and will destroy journalism.

Will liberals finally be rid of Rahm Emanuel?

Good question: Josh Marshall asks, "Why do all the most assiduous scholars of Islam happen to be televangelists from the Bible Belt?"

Speaking of rightwing "Islam scholars," insane Quran-burning Florida pastor Terry Jones is too crazy for other insane pastor Bill Keller. Still another noted religious right lunatic agrees.

Alaska Tea Party Senate candidate Joe Miller seems to believe that K Street lobbyists are angels sent by God. Defeated Alaska incumbent Lisa Murkowski, meanwhile, refuses to take "you're dead" lying down. Republicans pray for a wooden stake and some guy named Van Helsing to clear that up for her.

Bad news for Glenn Beck: anti-Islam activists are not so hot on Mormonism, either.

Finally, despite a death threat from David Letterman, Jon Stewart will return from vacation tonight. He's a more courageous man than I.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention: Colbert's back too. Odds are good we'll hear about this.

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