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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stories to Watch: 10/19/10

I'm pretty stoked about the new St. Norbert's/WPR poll. I'm definitely going to volunteer for Feingold's campaign again. It's so close I can taste it. Now here's the news...

Christine O'Donnell learns that it's one thing to tell a friendly wingnut audience that there's no separation of church and state in the First Amendment, but it's another to say it in a debate hosted by a bunch of lawyers.

Alaska's Joe Miller stumbles in a little hole himself -- this one ethical.

I'm sorry, but rent is too damn high. Other things happened in the New York gubernatorial debate, as well.

Kentucky dem Jack Conway has been catching some flack for his "Aqua Buddha" ad against Rand Paul. But the bondage victim mentioned in the ad says it may be over the top, but it's accurate. "Yes, he was in a secret society, yes, he mocked religion, yes, the whole Aqua Buddha thing happened," the unnamed woman told Greg Sargent. "There was a different side to him at one time and he's pretending that it never existed. If he would just acknowledge it, it would all go away and it wouldn't matter anymore." The term "youthful indiscretion" leaps to mind.

Also, a new DSCC poll suggests that, as stupid as the "Aqua Buddha" ad is, it might actually have some legs. Conway now leads Paul 49%-47%.

President Obama can't say two words without being attacked for them; example 4,821.

Shorter Juan Williams: "O'Reilly was right about Muslims, because I'm a scaredy-pants racist and Arabs make me nervous."

Losing a Senate race in Connecticut can get stupid-expensive.

Finally, try to please everyone and you won't please anyone. Turns out Canada is not too happy with Sharron Angle's attempt to distance herself from her own racist campaign.

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