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Friday, October 22, 2010

Stories to Watch: 10/22/10

Yet another example of tea party bigotry: Christian Science Monitor asks, "NPR, Juan Williams: Did firing put network smack in tea party's crosshairs?" Allow me to explain...

Let's say Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow said, "You know, when I see someone like Juan Williams -- a black man -- I get nervous that I'm about to be murdered by a gang member." Racist? You bet. And the right would be climbing the walls. Yet Williams made pretty much the same statement about Muslims. The fact that teabaggers don't get why that's a grossly unfair statement -- and, further, would rush to the defense of the person who made it -- tells you all you need to know about how comfortable they are with bigotry.

In any case, now would be an excellent time to show your support for NPR.

Is it also an excellent time for the FDIC to put Bank of America into receivership? Sounds like a plan to me.

Conservative groups have dropped $75 million in dark money so far this election cycle. Liberal groups have spent $10 million. Cries of "the left does it too!" are false equivalency.

Christine O'Donnell confesses to a crime.

Wow, talk about sore losers... Texas Republican congressional candidate Stephen Broden says a violent overthrow of the US government is "on the table" if the elections don't result in a change of leadership in congress. I'm reminded of Sharron Angle's "Second Amendment remedies." Why do these people hate democracy and, if they're so ready to start shooting, why bother running for office at all? They seem to believe a coup is the most American thing ever.

GOP says they won't compromise with the White House if they take the House of Representatives. I totally called it. Note to President Obama: take your dreams of a bipartisan Washington and bury them with stakes through their hearts. That's advice you should've taken a year ago, at least.

McClatchy finds that in key states, Democrats are experiencing a "rebound."

Hypocrisy of the day: Healthcare reform opponent and Wisconsin Republican senatorial hopeful Ron Johnson sloughs some of his workers off on commie gummint healthcare. RUSS!!

Finally, on a related note, guess which Democrat isn't afraid to run on healthcare reform?

I've been hearing radio spots, too. AP has more.

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