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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stories to Watch: 10/23/10

Yay fall! I gotta go scoop out some rain gutters. Not fun. Still, my favorite time of year. Now here's the news...

A Newsweek poll shows Obama's approvals rising sharply, from 48% to 54%. "The idea that the Democrats are just going to sit this one out doesn't seem very likely," says pollster Larry Hugick. "While there's no question that Republicans are going to pick up seats, the question is how many." Nate Silver has an idea how many -- and it's not good. He says the GOP is poised to gain fifty or more seats.

Slate has a pretty funny and creative way to create a summation of the week's news.

Bill Clinton should've kept the passcode for the nuclear football in his wallet.

Wikileaks exposes some bad, bad war-crimey stuff.

A League of Women Voters official states the obvious. The right goes nuts(er).

Speaking stating the obvious, Tea Party Nation founder Judson Philips writes, "The Tea Party is nothing less than a war against liberalism." It isn't anything more, either. [Excuse the screenshot, but you have to register to view the article.]

Also on teabaggers: they're training people to become internet trolls by holding seminars telling people how to manipulate search results on "Here's what I do," a young teabagger troll tells an audience, "I go on Amazon. I type in 'liberal books.' I go through and I say, 'One star, one star, one star.' The flip side is that you go to libertarian books and give them five stars... Most of the books I put a star on, I don't read. So, that's how it works!"

21st century book-burning.

Finally, Obama calls out GOP's economic "snake oil." See, this is the guy that should've been sitting in the White House since 2008. The compromising guy, the guy constantly open to conning with promises of bipartisanship, that's the guy that screwed dems chances in 2010.

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