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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stories to Watch: 10/24/10

I'm going to do another shift of volunteer work for the Feingold campaign tonight. Then I'm going to have a beer. Because I'm awesome. Now here's the news...

The Deepwater Horizon disaster is over, right? Wrong.

Good news for California dems. Jerry Brown opens a big lead over Meg Whitman -- 52% to 39%, doubling in a month's time. Analysts credit Whitman's housekeeper scandal and the fact that voters are turned off by the amount of money she's spending. Meanwhile, Boxer leads over Fiorina by a fairly comfortable 8 points.

DNC chair Tim Kaine says Democrats will hold the House. Don't get too excited, it's his job to say things like that.

Christina Romer, formerly the chairwoman of President Obama's Council of Economic Advisers, say that now wouldn't be a real smart time to start reducing the deficit. Economist Brad DeLong says that Romer's argument doesn't go far enough; "now is a time to twiddle all of the policy knobs the government has at its disposal..." Of course, this debate is happening on the rational side of the ideological divide, so expect everyone to ignore it. Teabags forever! w00t!

New Hampshire's largest newspaper -- the Union Leader -- refuses to publish marriage notices from same sex couples. According to AP, "Publisher Joe McQuaid says the paper isn't anti-gay but believes marriage is between a man and a woman." Whether you like it or not, it's happening. "Ignore reality and it'll go away" seems like a really stupid strategy for a newspaper.

Here's a surprise: Brit Hume, who's had his own episode of religious intolerance, just doesn't get what all this fuss about Juan Williams is all about.

Finally, AFSME puts comparisons between themselves and the US Chamber of Commerce to bed.

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