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Monday, October 25, 2010

Stories to Watch: 10/25/10

Item in my local paper: "Madison police said an 18-year-old Chicago man walked into an unlocked West Gorham Street apartment in the middle of the night, took off his socks and pants and then used the toilet to such an extent it took two hours to clean." Although the story doesn't say so, I'm guessing alcohol was a factor here. Believe it or not, the residents aren't filing charges -- I guess because they're freakin' saints or something. Lock your doors, people. Now here's the news...

The New York Times goes to great lengths to keep the word "torture" out of their paper. This should make the job easier.

Who's giving big to the GOP? Companies who got bailed out, that's who.

Reason to volunteer to knock on doors or phone bank: One in three voters nationwide are either undecided or willing to switch teams. The bad news; they're undecided because they don't like Democrats, but their local GOP candidate is a teabagging lunatic.

What the elections are really about, "Big money and unprecedented secrecy." why all the secrecy? Here's one reason.

Sharron Angle's attempts to avoid the media get absurd.

How to get rich off hate.

Finally, gays shouldn't complain that they can't serve in the military, because neither can short people. No, really.

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