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Monday, October 25, 2010

News Roundup for 10/25/10

Pretty sure he thinks he's Jon Stewart

-Headline of the Day-
"Just who does Jon Stewart think he is?"

Today's Most Unfair Headline Award goes to the Washington Post's Paul Farhi. It's a big day for Paul, as he also garners the Most Unfair Lead-In Paragraph Award for this:

These days, he can claim to be many things: political satirist, pseudo-anchorman, media critic, author, successful businessman, philanthropist, Emmy Award magnet. On Monday he arrives in Washington in a new, self-anointed role: as our national voice of reason, moderation and rationality -- a uniter, you might say, not a divider.

Trust me, I slogged through the whole thing and it doesn't get any better...

OK, I'm lying. It does. A lot better. It's actually a very nice and informative article. Thank you Mr. Farhi. But the idea that Stewart's role in the rally is "self-anointed" is BS. As anyone who's been watching the story closely can tell you, the whole thing was suggested by users of the occasionally mountain-moving social bookmarking site Reddit. Sure, it was originally suggested as a Colbert rally, but The Colbert Report is a Daily Show franchise, so there. It'd be like a Star Trek movie without the Enterprise -- and who wants to see that? Nobody, that's who. So shut up.

Anyhoo, the big to-do is this weekend. If you haven't scored a ride (like me) or a place to stay (like me), you can catch the whole goddam thing on a Comedy Central live feed. Sit in a comfortable chair, dress up like Paul Revere, get a sign that says something funny, maybe a big foam finger, and participate from the comfort of your own home. Easy-peasy. If your roommates/loved ones wonder what in the hell you're doing in a three-cornered hat and pantaloons, tell them you're being sane, OK?! Can't anyone be sane anymore?!

Then you can laugh at all those people standing out there on the national mall all day like chumps. They may be able to say they were there, but they won't be able to say they made microwave popcorn. And, in the end, isn't microwave popcorn what's really most important? (Washington Post)

-Then there's this-
Next Media Animation of Taiwan covers the Stewart/Colbert rally.

Surprisingly accurate. (Next Media Animation)

-Bonus HotD-
"European Polluters Funding Senate Candidates Who Oppose Action On Global Warming."

You ever wonder why global warming denial is largely an American conservative form of crazy?

It's because American conservatives have the best crazy foreign money can buy. (Think Progress)

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