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Monday, October 04, 2010

Stories to Watch: 10/4/10

This'll be the only update you get today, because I'm volunteering for the Russ Feingold campaign and that's really going to blow a hole in my day. Want to help? Find out what you can do. Now here's the news...

Politico's Jonathan Martin tells NPR's On The Media that many FOX News employees are "deeply disturbed" by the fact that the network has so many potential 2012 GOP candidates on the payroll. Apparently, not disturbed deeply enough to speak out against what amounts to free campaign advertising or even to go on the record about it, though -- Martin names no names.

Speaking of FOX, Dana Milbank tells Howard Kurtz that it's "manifestly true that" that Glenn Beck's "dangerous" -- a claim he backs up in his latest column.

How monumental is his ego? President Donald Trump?

Democrats see a glimmer of hope for the midterms.

The right's efforts to demonize Islam continue apace.

Conservative Libertarianism in action: house burns down, firefighters stand by and watch.

More on how the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling is turning democracy into a quaint, antiquated formality.

In Sanchez vs. Stewart, Stewart fires back. CNN's already picked the winner, though.

Finally, The Hill reprints Secretary of Education Arne Duncan's comments on a spate of suicides due to anti-gay bullying. Want to know what anti-gay bullying must be like? Just read the comment thread. These people are sick, ignorant, shameless, hateful, and proud of it. Need something to get yourself off your ass in November? Then vote to hand these assholes a loss.

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