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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stories to Watch: 11/17/10

Kind of beat today, so you're looking at a shorty. Now here's the news...

It's looking like it's pretty damned sure to be Murkowski in Alaska. Joe Miller calls for a hand recount, which probably won't do much other than string out his agony.

And, in case you missed it, it's Pelosi and Boehner. Those midterms really shook up the congressional establishment.

TSA chief John Pistole wants to feel up some senators.

If you're unemployed and you voted Republican, you're a freakin' idiot.

Sure it's just a stunt, but it's a good and illustrative one: Democrats call on Republican congress critters to turn down their commie gummint health insurance. So far, exactly one idiot takes them up on it.

The Washington Independent is shutting down.

If you're a woman and you voted Republican, you're a freakin' idiot.

Finally, Shelly Bachmann gives Iran the bomb.

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