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Friday, November 05, 2010

Stories to Watch: 11/5/10

I like autumn, it's my favorite time of year, but I have to say that around here it's a case of "blink and you miss it." Most of the colors are gone, it's getting pretty cold. It's about this time that I usually think, "OK, back to normal." Now here's the news...

Shocker of the day: MSNBC host Keith Olbermann is suspended indefinitely without pay for giving to Democratic candidates. Greg Sargent points out that both Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan are guilty of the same thing (only with GOP candidates) and they're still in good standing with the network. Keith finds he has some surprising allies today.

Also from Sargent, Nancy Pelosi announces she's come to kick ass or chew bubblegum -- and she's all out of bubblegum.

Gay voters are voting more Republican than they have in the past. In related news, mice have decided to arm cats.

Remember that time it took Al Franken like three months to win his Senate seat? If you don't, you're about to be reminded by a never-ending Alaska Senate race. Mike Huckabee says that Joe Miller "expects that his campaign will be in legal battles over this irregular voting process for the foreseeable future." Isn't it great how conservatives hate lawsuits right up until the point where they file one? Jim DeMint is also getting in on all the suey fun.

Despite all the crowing, the Tea Paty didn't do so hot on Tuesday either.

Van Hollen's out as DCCC chair, which probably isn't the worst thing ever. I don't think he was a bad chair, just that he wasn't an especially stellar one. On the subject of Nancy Pelosi as minority leader, he says she's got a lock on it. "I think the choice is hers. She has an enormous reservoir of goodwill." Debbie Wasserman Schultz' name comes up as a possible new DCCC chair, which I think would be a pretty good idea.

Howard Dean's not running for president in 2012 and, for some unknown reason, this is supposed to be a huge surprise.

Finally, Peggy Noonan says Sarah Palin isn't the second-coming of Reagan, as much as Sarah might like everyone to think so. "The point is not 'He was a great man and you are a nincompoop,' though that is true." I don't think much of Noonan, but that's pretty funny.

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