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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Stories to Watch: 11/6/10

I've got one tree in the backyard that always drops all it's leaves at once. A Norway Maple. Today was the big day -- you wouldn't even know I had a lawn. Now here's the news...

They're not even sworn in yet and already Republicans are hitting a rough patch. Economists think their plans are stupid, so of course, teabaggers argue that they aren't stupid enough.

Speaking of stupid: after being the group who took the biggest whuppin' last Tuesday, centrist Democrats argue that Obama is "tone deaf" and should be more like them. Unfortunately, this is the kind of stupid that's contagious. Don't go anywhere near it, President Obama.

Think Progress's Lee Fang put the blame for Olbermann's suspension squarely on the Comcast-MSNBC/NBC Universal merger and Comcast's deeply Republican ties to the Bush administration. Also, another unlikely ally for Keith.

Christine O'Donnell doesn't seem to realize the election is over.

RIP Jill Clayburgh.

Dubya definitely doesn't bring the love for Sarah Palin or John McCain.

Just a reminder that Drudge is a waste of your time.

What's your vote worth to you? Californians say it's more than the $50 per vote that Meg Whitman spent.

Finally, Glenn Beck really is an awful, awful man.

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