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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Stories to Watch: 11/7/10

I hate having to set your clocks back. You ever notice that everything comes with a clock on it these days? We may be the first generation of people to say, "What time is it? Let me check the can opener." Now here's the news...

New York Times notices that John Boehner cries a lot.

The idea of a lame-duck repeal of DADT gets a boost.

Lindsey Graham thinks going to war with Iran is just an awesome idea.

Fareed Zakaria wonders if Republicans are insane.

Juan Cole says MSNBC's Phil Griffin is The Worst Person in the World.

Despite Russ Feingold's loss and other GOP gains in the state, John Nichols is optimistic about the future of Wisconsin's progressive tradition. My favorite line: "If we accept that Ron Johnson was sincere in his campaign-trail pronouncements, the chances that he will serve with distinction are slim." Amen.

The problem with being in the map-making business: disputed territories guarantee you'll make some enemies. This is especially true if your cartography is inaccurate.

Finally, we have proof that Republicans have to be bad at math to be Republicans: top 'bagger Jim DeMint says the tea party is responsible for Republican gains in the house and didn't cost them the senate at all -- despite the fact that only 32% of tea party candidates won their races.

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