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Monday, December 06, 2010

News Roundup for 12/6/10

Gingerbread man wishes 'Happy Holidays!'
Goddam Muslim Gingerbread man!

-Headline of the Day-
"Jim Inhofe On Parade Slight: 'Why Do They Always Pick On The Christians?'"

Have Republicans fixed the economy yet? They must have. How else can you explain Sen. James Inhofe's media tour, in which he bitches about trivial semantics? In fact, the world must be nealy perfect, because you've got to believe that a war on synonyms would be the last agenda item on any rational person's list.

Then again, we're not talking about a rational person. We're talking about Jim Inhofe.

See, you may remember that Inhofe freaked out when a local parade replaced the world "Christmas" with the word "Holiday." So he boycotted the parade, instead joining in on a CHRISTMAS parade some 15 miles away. It seems likely, to me at least, that the vast majority of parade goers at either event will give a damn either way. But that extra fifteen minutes drive is the worst sort of religious oppression ever.

"So, what you're saying is, that it's not like you're not tolerant of other religions," Getchen Carlson asked in on the Morning Stupidity recently. "...What you're saying is -- what a lot of people are saying in our society right now -- which is if we're supposed to be tolerate of all these other religions, which pretty much everyone accepts, why does it always seem like Christianity is the one to take the boot?"

"They're the ones to get the hit," he answered. "...I think there are a lot people of other faiths who wonder also, why do they always pick on the Christians?" It pays to point out that Inhofe represents Oklahoma, which recently passed an unconstitutional ban on Sharia law -- pretty much just to be dicks about it. So yeah, I'm sure all the Muslims there are wondering why it's always the Christians who take it in the shorts.

"I mean, Christians are so terribly picked on, in America," writes Jason Linkins. "Next you'll be telling me that Christians aren't allowed to worship in some parts of Lower Manhattan, or something." (Huffington Post, with video)

-Laughing all the way to the bank-
With the GOP almost certainly about to get their way in borrowing tremendous sums of money to hand out to the already wealthy, it pays to take a look at who started the whole ball rolling.

Click for fullsized graphic

All these years and none of that money's managed to "trickle down" yet. If you voted GOP and you aren't rich, the GOP is laughing at you, because you're a gullible chump.

I'd join in but, although I get the joke, I don't think it's funny.

Moron. (Reddit)

-Bonus HotD-
"Slideshow: The Worst Political Sex Writing."

Politicians suck at writing porn, which -- considering some of the scandals they get into -- is a little surprising. Nonetheless, New Republic collects some of the worst of the worst and most of it is godawful.

Al Franken gets an unfair shake here, though. Maybe they don't know that a comedy piece is supposed to be funny, not hot. "Then Dr. DeVine placed the Virtu-Screw helmet [a virtual reality device] over my head," Franken wrote for Playboy in 2000. "Sitting in the pitch dark, I felt slightly vulnerable but also excited. She asked me which setting I wanted. Since I've been married 23 years, I naturally chose 'blow job'."

Still, it's nice to revisit Newt Gingrich's "She rolled onto him and somehow was sitting athwart his chest" and Scooter Libby's "children raped by bears" scene. (New Republic)

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