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Friday, December 10, 2010

Stories to Watch: 12/10/10

Got out my geetar and I'm going to write me some songs, dammit. I went and saw a band with a bud and that put us in the mood to do some recording. So I'm throwing some bass and drum tracks together with LMMS and then we'll put some guitar and vocal tracks down with Reaper. Why couldn't this stuff have been around when I was a teenager? I'd be a rock star by now. It's possible I'd be a dead rock star though. So there's that. Maybe everything worked out for the best. Now here's the news...

Loving it. The Hill's headline: "'Filibernie': Sanders rips tax deal for seven hours and counting." Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders looks to be the frontrunner to take the place of Ted Kennedy in liberals' hearts. At one point, there were so many people trying to watch the video stream that it crashed the Senate's servers.

Bernie aside, the White House is sending around a fairly persuasive graph showing just how badly Republicans got screwed in this tax deal. Their messaging is all fouled up now. It still doesn't make it the best deal in the world for you and me, so I'm still with Sanders.

A very strange scene at the White House press briefing room, as President Obama walks away from the podium and leaves Bill Clinton seemingly in charge. Seriously, check out the video at that link. It's weird. Bill settles in like he was just there yesterday, though -- which is pretty cool.

Nancy Pelosi wants a stand-alone DADT repeal bill. Meanwhile, the New York Times editorial board says the GOP's obstruction of repeal marks "one of the most shameful days in the modern history of the Senate." Amen.

AP reports that the Obama-GOP tax cut deal has been loaded with "sweeteners" to get it passed in the Senate. Obama predicted it would pass, but that was pre-Bernie. Who knows now.

You know how Republicans are always talking about what the American people want and how it all happens to coincide with what Republicans want? Turns out Republicans are wrong about what the American people want.

Anonymous stops the DDoS attacks, switches to information-bombing. Proof positive that once something's on the web, you're never going to get rid of it.

Republicans make a lot of Obama's poll numbers, often declaring him a "failed" president and a one-termer. But no Republican seems all that eager to run against him.

Finally, Shelly Bachmann fails math -- again.

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