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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stories to Watch: 12/12/10

You know what's not fun? Digging out of a blizzard. My back and shoulders are sore and now it's just going to get stupid cold for the next few days. This is likely to be a short one. Now here's the news...

Paul Krugman bitchslaps Dana Milbank and explains, with Milbank as the example, how the media rewrites history. Repeat after me; the media is broken.

After a bomb blast in Sweden kills one, the usual cowards crap their pants. Clearly, all Muslims must die.

Here's what actual elitism looks like. Don't expect 'baggers to freak out about these elitists, though. After all, the teabaggers work for them. Case in point: Tea Party Senator Scott Brown.

The asshole brigade was hopelessly outnumbered at Elizabeth Edwards' funeral.

Might Michael Steele accept reality and rule out a run at another term as RNC chair? We may find out tomorrow. Late night comics may mark December 13th as a dark day for comedy.

A cold splash of water for people who think the Obama-GOP tax deal means Republicans are ready to be sensible: in the 112th congress, there will be exactly three moderate Republicans. The rest are wingnut frootloops.

Finally, am I the only one who wonders what happened to this whole "tea party movement" once the elections were over? Where are these guys? I guess they evaporated after they'd outlived their usefulness.

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