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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stories to Watch: 12/18/10

Got some tracks mixed for a rough draft of a blues song I've been working on. The bass and drum are keepers, but all the geetar stuff is going to be rerecorded. I wanted to get something down, to give my collaborator an idea what the final would sound like. If you're interested, the track is here. Don't expect greatness. The final will be much longer and have a vocal track. Rollin' Blues is just the working title, because I'm pretty sure that's taken. Now here's the news...

RIP Captain Beefheart.

John McCain says passing a bill that would help 9/11 first responders with health problems is just frivolous "fooling around." He's just doing what his corporate masters ordered him to do. Still, I would respectfully request that the senator from Arizona go fuck himself with a horseradish root. Anyone disappointed in Obama should remember that this asshole was the alternative. We chose wisely.

John Bolton makes more noise about getting humiliated in 2012.

Wingnuts are angry to learn that Fox News makes them dumb. Of course, they aren't angry with Fox News, they're angry with the people who did the study... Because wingnuts are dumb. I blame Fox News for that.

Ironic: Boehner appoints Shelly Bachmann to a seat on the House Intelligence Committee. Personally, I think she's better suited for the House Ignorance Committee, but that doesn't exist. Don't tell Michele though, she probably doesn't know that.

Voting going on on the DREAM Act as I write. Things aren't looking good. Later: Yup, it's dead. DADT is also on today's agenda. Check my twitter feed or my new headlines page for updates.

Finally, I'm guessing Bank of America's website is going down. Need I remind anyone that WikiLeaks is planning a banking document dump early next year and that BoA might possibly be crapping their pants right now?

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