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Friday, December 17, 2010

Stories to Watch: 12/17/10

Last day of the pre-pre-holiday week. Now we go into official pre-holiday mode and get some stuff done. Get a tree, finish up some shopping, make some cookies, load up the glitter and tinsel cannons. As a result, posting will probably be fairly intermittent throughout the week, until the big day when I almost certainly won't be posting at all. Check back often, I'll try to keep to my regular schedule more often than not. It's just if I miss a post or two, you'll know what's up. Now here's the news...

For many Republicans, there's nothing more important than keeping gays from serving openly in the military, not even national security.

You know that omnibus spending bill I said was a sure bet to pass? It didn't. In my defense, it was never even voted on. Reid pulled it.

But the GOP's big "blow a Grand Canyon-sized hole in the deficit" tax cuts for the rich? Totally passed. Gotta borrow a bunch of money to hand out to billionaires, you know. By the way, you're paying all that debt, not the Wall Street morons. What the rich get for a tax cut is more than their share of the deficit. What you get is less. Go out, grab a teabagger, and force them to learn math. Freakin' morons.

In a sure sign that President Obama has screwed up big time, consistently wrong pundit Charles Krauthammer is suddenly a big fan.

CNN is teaming up with the Tea Party to host a GOP 2012 presidential primary debate. Look for questions like, "Is Barack HUSSEIN Obama more of a nazi or a terr'ist?", "Would you say the Founders were all fundamentalists Christians or would you say they were actually the Apostles reborn?", and "All Muslim's are terr'ists -- yes or no (HINT: it's yes)?"

Interestingly, this whole presidential debate is being plan without the existence of a single GOP presidential candidate. No one has declared. For all the talk about how badly Obama's going to lose in 2012, no one seems very eager to take him on.

Yahoo says is up for sale and blames the media for stories about it shutting down, despite the fact that the company created a presentation slide saying they would "sunset" (corporate-bastard-speak for "close") the site. Way to get right on that story while it's hot guys. Yahoo's protestations ring a little hollow and, according to the report, "there has been such an uproar that Yahoo may very well be backtracking." So is it closing, is it not closing? I don't care. I'm still gone.

Finally, If polling is any indication, there is no freakin' way Sarah Palin is becoming president.

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