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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Stories to Watch: 12/2/10

After watching Forbidden Planet the other night, I've been on sort of an old scifi movie kick. I watched The Day the Earth Stood Still last night and I've got a copy of This Island Earth waiting to be watched right now. Turns out I'll have to do some work tonight to clear up some time tomorrow, so it'll probably have to wait. Maybe it'll be Invasion of the Body Snatchers after that -- not sure yet. No rush, I guess. Now here's the news...

Speaking of scifi, NASA says they found "life as we do not know it" in a lake in California. It's a bacteria whose basic building block is arsenic, not carbon. This broadens our definition of life and "will change how we search for life elsewhere in the Universe." Cool. This thing may be no relation to anything else on Earth and, if so, that means either a parallel evolution or that these critters ain't from around here -- at least, originally. Either way, this is cool.

John Boehner calls dems' maneuver to vote on tax cuts for the middle class alone "chickencrap." Ezra Klein crunches the numbers and finds that "chickencrap" must be defined as something that will help 99% of Boehner's district. Considering those numbers, this statement by David Brooks looks positively prophetic.

Despite Boehner's hissy fit, the measure passes.

Another GOPer calls for the United States to declare bankruptcy.

On the DADT repeal front, opponents are officially out of excuses as a pentagon report finds repeal is probably a good idea. Time for John McCain and company to just come out and admit they hate gays. It's the only reason to oppose repeal that they have left.

Didn't say it was a good reason.

Members of the recently-formed Tea Party Caucus requested more than $1 billion in earmarks last fiscal year. If you ever need a definition of "phony," there ya go.

Speaking of phony, Dana Milbank exposes GOP Constitution-humping for what it is.

New York discovers 200,000 uncounted votes cast on machines in the last elections. How you liking those new electronic voting machines guys?

Juan Williams is fitting right in at Fox News.

Finally, Wikileaks shows that Joe Biden called it right on Afghanistan.

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