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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Stories to Watch: 12/4/10

Finally got our snow. Fired up the snowblower and was rewarded with a big cloud of smoke. The two-cycle mixture tends to settle over the non-winter seasons and you wind up burning oil the first time you start it up. Worked great though. And, when I was down a made some hot cocoa (real stuff, not the mix), with marshmallows. So yay for me. Now here's the news...

Did Senate Democrats serve up a hot bowl of fail on letting the $250k+ tax giveaway expire? Of course they did.

At least one pundit gets Sarah Palin right; Charles Blow writes that he's not commenting on Sarah Palin anymore, unless she actually does something newsworthy. "She's the Zsa Zsa Gabor of American politics," he writes. "She once did something noteworthy, but she's now just famous for being famous." Meanwhile, Palin herself is making damned sure she doesn't do anything newsworthy.

Even if unemployment benefits are extended for the 99ers, 4 million people still face the end of their benefits. The Council of Economic Advisers urges Obama to do something about this or face a worsening economy.

GOP Senators Scott Brown and Susan Collins defect from the GOP on the issue of repealing DADT.

Again, Scalia proves he's a lunatic.

Finally, Wikileaks' new webhost is an impenetrable fortress carved into the heart of a mountain, like the lair of a Bond villain. No, really.

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