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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Stories to Watch: 12/5/10

Snow. Snow, snow, snow, and snow. And then some snow. It's all over the freaking place. Snow. Now here's the news...

Frank Rich thinks maybe President Obama has Stockholm Syndrome and has fallen in love with the GOP. It'd explain a lot. Head hostage-taker Mitch McConnell says that Republicans and the White House are close to a deal on tax cuts, which means that the GOP is about to get exactly what they want, while you and I, dear reader, will probably get the shaft -- again.

The State Department doesn't seem to have a very good grasp of this whole First Amendment, freedom of speech thing. Juan Cole warns of a "new McCarthyism," where people are punished for doing perfectly legal things.

If you're in Texas, a Republican, and want to serve in party leadership, you damned well better not be Jewish. "I'm inclined to consider this yet another setback in the Republican Party's minority outreach efforts," writes Steve Benen. Hey teapartiers, who's a Nazi again? I forget.

About that minority outreach; Newt Gingrich launches a website to woo Latinos. The only thing less likely to enjoy success is a Gingrich website aimed at Muslims.

File under "Things Everyone Already Knew": diplomatic cables leaked by Wikileaks show Saudis -- not Iranians -- are 'chief supporters' of terrorists and extremists.

Another item for that file: China hacked Google's servers, so Google pulled out of China. Long story short, Chinese officials can be vain and pissy.

Finally, John McCain has officially gone over to the dark side.

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