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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

News Roundup for 1/18/11

Man makes exasperated face
GOP voter reacts to latest Palin tweet

-Headline of the Day-
"Even Republicans say media handled shooting better than Sarah Palin did."

Turns out that constantly reminding everyone that she's the real victim following the events in Tucson hasn't been the smartest way for Sarah Palin to go. Would'a guessed?

Polling shows the public thinks pretty much everyone handled things better than Sarah -- including the media, who failed miserably right off the bat by declaring Gabrielle Giffords dead. Even Republicans think she did a pretty crappy job, with only 48% approving. Meanwhile, the media scores 53%

And President Obama? He's Republican voters' new favorite thing, with 70% approving of his handling of the incident. "If Palin wanted to cast this conflict as a standoff against her familiar antagonist, the 'lamestream media,'" Greg Sargent writes, "then the lamestream media won hands down."

Hey Sarah, how's that whiny, victimy thing workin' out for ya? (Plum Line)

-Regulation gone mad-
Paul Krugman has a pretty good find. He catches the Attorney General for the State of Texas saying, "It is almost the height of insanity of bureaucracy to have the EPA regulating something that is emitted by all living things." Actually, it was Think Progress' Joe Romm who made the catch and Krugman writes, "As Joe points out, this argument says that we should adopt an equally laissez-faire attitude toward sewage."

Krugman goes on to find a 1858 article in The Economist [pdf], which does exactly that, which is pretty funny. "[T]here was a time when conservatives did, in fact, argue for doing nothing about effluent of any kind," he says.

But it got me thinking; seems to me that someone else made the same argument once, only with a lot more satire. Then it hit me -- Al Franken, on his old radio show. I don't remember who the other guy was -- Joe Conason, maybe?

"It enables us to create great art and to raise great kids. To travel to the moon, to hit homeruns, or simply to grow old with the people we love -- without exploding... Feces: They call it pollution, we call it life." (Paul Krugman)

-Bonus HotD-
"David Frum Reacts To Hannity's Palin Interview: 'She Should Stop Talking Now'."

Yeah, what are the odds of that happening? (Talking Points Memo)

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