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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stories to Watch: 1/13/11

Coffee. Must have more coffee. Now here's the news...

Sarah Palin's first interview since her "blood libel" fiasco will be on -- you guessed it -- Fox News, where Sean Hannity will get tough and really probe to find out how awesome Sarah Palin really is. Not surprisingly, Brietbart's Big Journalism blog takes the phrase "blood libel" and defiantly tattoos it on the right's forehead. Smooth move.

Why are really wingnuts so outraged about Obama's speech last night? Because it made Sarah "It's All About Me" Palin's video look terribly, terribly self-serving. One must never show up the Queen of Wasilla. It simply is not done.

Despite the eye-gouging rage of the rightwing blogosphere, Tuscon's Republican mayor says the tone of the Obama event "was appropriate... I've been in the hospital, and the people that are healing, they want to hear people cheer."

First hand accounts of Rep. Giffords opening her eyes for the first time after the shooting.

The Republican Party destroys one of their own: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison is hounded into retirement for having the gall to run against Texas Gov. Perry.

Ok, we all had our breather, now it's back to talking about SOCIALISM!!! and DEATH PANELS!!! The GOP reschedules healthcare reform repeal and it'll be interesting to see how long they can justify the effort without reverting back to insane hyperbole. My money's on "before lunch."

Finally, the business community -- i.e., the Republican Party's owners -- aren't fully on board with repeal. Thank goodness its all pointless and they're doomed to fail, huh? Otherwise, they'd be in big trouble with the money guys.

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