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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stories to Watch: 1/15/11

I broke down and downloaded the Firefox 4 beta browser. Pretty fast, but I'm having some problems with it. Right now, there's no URL in the address bar which, given the way I use a browser, is a huge, huge problem. The beta allows you to run add-ons that aren't specifically compliant and I think that's my problem here. I checked the feedback forums and no one else was complaining about this, so I guess it's something I'm running. I'll figure it out later. Until then, back to FF 3.6. Another problem was Greasemonkey, which I use a lot. But I found this pretty quickly and that solved my problem. Now here's the news...

New Jared Loughner video released. Can we learn anything from it? Probably not. But it exists and this makes it big, big news -- not nutjob porn.

Tunisia's president flees the country after what is being described by some as "the Arab world's Gdansk." It's probably way too soon to predict good things (at this moment, for instance, things are not so hot), but it's hard to see how Tunis could come out of this worse off. It pays to point out that one of the contributing factors to the revolution was a diplomatic cable detailing corruption in the government, leaked by WikiLeaks. As always, Juan Cole is the go-to guy for insight into the region.


Bill Maher tells the 'baggers that the founders wouldn't have liked them much. Obviously, this is the worst thing ever.

They can march around with guns, talking about "Second Amendment remedies" and the "blood of patriots." They can call people Communists and Fascists and compare President Obama to Hitler. They can call people "libtards" and "moonbats" and talk about the "loony left." But call them "teabaggers" or say something unkind about them and they're suddenly Victorian socialites overcome by the vapors, searching desperately for the fainting couch.

Make up your minds people, are you going to be John Wayne or Emily Bronte?


Obama loosens travel restrictions to Cuba. Republicans predict the end of civilization.

Sean Hannity proposes oil piracy as foreign policy, because low gas prices are more important than the lives of military personnel and civilians.

Finally, newly-elected RNC chair Reince Preibus looks like a lot of fun. Wisconsin should immediately disown him. Still, it's nice to see the RNC following their new tradition of electing ridiculous boobs as chairmen. Maybe we won't miss Michael Steele quite as much as we thought.

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